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      Heroes of Islam - The Prophet's Companions (1): The Caliphs (French-Arabic)
      Heroes of Islam - The Prophet's Companions (1): The Caliphs (French-Arabic)
      Heroes of Islam - The Prophet's Companions (1): The Caliphs (French-Arabic)
      Heroes of Islam - The Prophet's Companions (1): The Caliphs (French-Arabic)
      Heroes of Islam - The Prophet's Companions (1): The Caliphs (French-Arabic)

      Heroes of Islam - The Prophet's Companions (1): The Caliphs (French-Arabic)

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      Immerse yourself in the captivating tales of the "Freed Slaves", the fifth book in the "Heroes of Islam: Companions of the Prophet" series. Quickly discover compelling stories about Bilal ibn Rabah, Khabbab ibn Al Arat, Zayd ibn Haritha, Osama Ibn Zayd, Salim mawla Abi Hudhayfa, and Suhaib Ar-Rumi. These companions, once slaves, transcended their circumstances to become iconic figures in Islamic history. Their endurance in the face of challenges and dedication to faith illuminated historical pages. A richly informative book worth reading and rereading, catering to all ages from youth to adults.

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        Author: Mohammed Mehdaoui - Bilingual Book (French/Arabic) - Bonus: Chronological Timeline + Maps of the Muslim World - Publisher: Madrass' Animée

        - BACK COVER -

        You are holding the fifth book in the series: "Heroes of Islam: Companions of the Prophet". This collection follows the 7 Families game, where you could discover the names of the greatest Companions of the Prophet while having fun.

        It's now time to learn more about them! In this book, quickly delve into the exciting history of the 6 Companions composing the "Freed Slaves" family:

        Bilal ibn Rabah Khabbab ibn Al Arat Zayd ibn Haritha Ousama Ibn Zayd Salim mawla Abi Hudhayfa Suhaib Ar-Rumi

        These famous Companions were slaves at some point in their lives. Some were freed before the advent of Islam, while others were liberated from the chains of servitude by the faith that had penetrated their hearts. Slaves were considered subhumans in Meccan society. That's why, at the advent of Islam, they were the first to endure the tortures of the Quraish. But nothing could extinguish the light of faith in their hearts, not chains, nor whips, nor thirst, nor hunger. Their endurance and sacrifices in the face of these trials elevated them to a high rank with Allah.

        Discover their stories and the courage they showed throughout their lives.

        A book to read and reread, which will undoubtedly hold a special place in your library.

        - INTRODUCTION -

        HEROES OF ISLAM: PROPHET'S COMPANIONS | أبطال الإسلام: صحابة رسول الله

        Praise be to Allah, praise be to the Lord of the universe, who has allowed us to realize this project that has been close to our hearts for a long time. May peace and blessings be upon our noble Prophet (pbuh).

        We are happy and proud to present to you the first book in the series "Heroes of Islam: Companions of the Prophet (pbuh)". This series, which is intended to be unique, will, I hope, bring joy to your home.

        Its objectives are diverse and multiple:

        • Introduce the models of the Companions into our daily lives to draw inspiration from them.
        • Provide parents with books for daily reading to their children, combining the useful with the enjoyable.
        • Help Muslim families gather around exciting and inspiring stories, thus strengthening their bonds within the household.
        • Initiate our children into Arabic reading from an early age.
        • Allow parents to read stories in Arabic to their children while being able, with the help of translation, to understand and then explain.

        Give parents essential knowledge about the lives of the Companions so that they can transmit the love of these models to their children.

        You understand that this book is intended for children, from 3 years old, as well as adults. Indeed, it is a tool aimed at allowing parents to introduce their children to reading from a young age, while telling them the exciting stories of these remarkable heroes, the Companions of the Prophet (pbuh).

        To suit all types of audiences, the literary style is deliberately formal. For young children, it will be up to the parents to adapt the language by reformulating the texts, orally and in a simpler way, or to support them with gestures or mime to facilitate understanding and assimilation, but also to evoke emotions in their child.

        A child of 6 or 7 years old, initiated into reading from a very young age, should be able to read it on his own.

        This book comes as a logical sequel to the 7 Families game. After becoming familiar with the names of these Companions, it is now time to discover their lives, their stories, and their qualities, which made them the best men of this community.

        For the sake of simplification, and to avoid making the book too heavy for the child, the sources of the different Hadiths mentioned are not cited.

        However, know that the sources on which our work is based are simply the references of the Islamic library on the subject. As examples, we can mention:

        • "Siyar A'lam An-Noubala" by Imam Ad-Dhahabi
        • "Al Isaba fi tamyiz As-Sahaba" by Imam Ibn Hajar Al 'Asqalani
        • "Ousoud Al Ghaba fi ma'rifati As-Sahaba" by Imam Ibn Al Athir

        In addition, there are several works in the Sira or Tafsir, as well as contemporary scholars.

        May Allah make it a useful and indispensable tool for Muslim households. May He allow us to love and follow the path of the noble Companions of the Prophet (pbuh).

        I would like to thank all those who have contributed, directly or indirectly, to the realization of this project, and implore Allah to grant them the best reward.

        I ask anyone who has benefited from this book to invoke Allah on their behalf, as well as for our parents, our families, our teachers, and all the scholars of this community.

        Finally, I ask Allah to accept this modest work, to make it a favorable good for us on the day of His meeting, and to forgive us for the inevitable imperfections or errors it may contain. Ameen!

        Mohammed Mehdaoui


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        Mohamed Mehdaoui
        Arabe - العربــــــــية
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        Civilisation de l'Islam
        Madrass Animée
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        Heroes of Islam - The Prophet's Companions (1): The Caliphs (French-Arabic)

        Heroes of Islam - The Prophet's Companions (1): The Caliphs (French-Arabic)

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