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      Masters & slaves in Islamic lands (Frensh)
      Masters & slaves in Islamic lands (Frensh)
      Masters & slaves in Islamic lands (Frensh)
      Masters & slaves in Islamic lands (Frensh)

      Masters & slaves in Islamic lands (Frensh)

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      Explore the little-known history of human trafficking in the Muslim world from the 7th to the 20th century with Renaud Kingler. Between servants, concubines, soldiers, and agricultural workers, up to ten million shared a tragic fate in the shadow of the minarets. Far from clichés, the author reveals a complex reality, encouraging us to rethink this often forgotten page of History.

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        Masters & Slaves in Islamic Land

        Author: Renaud Kingler - Editions: Sarrazins

        Fourth cover:

        Like all civilizations in History, the Muslim world has also experienced human trafficking. From the 7th to the 20th century of the Christian era, men and women from three different continents arrived, by sea and land, in the land of Islam to serve as slaves. Servants, concubines, soldiers or agricultural workers, there would have been ten million of them who suffered a similar fate in the shadow of the minarets. Some argue that it was double. Long relegated to the margins of time, this page of History is today at the heart of many discussions. To the transatlantic slave trade, we now oppose an “Arab-Muslim slave trade” which, in figures but also in facts, would have been even more horrible. And yet, far from legends and recuperations, there exists a story, more nuanced, and closer to the facts, such as they were, in their context and historical reality. This is what we sought to offer in this book.


        Dive into the heart of a captivating exploration of the little-known history of the Muslim world with author Renaud Kingler. From the time of the 7th to the 20th century of the Christian era, this book reveals an often forgotten facet: the human trafficking which marked this civilization across continents. Men and women, coming from distant lands, were transported by sea and land to become slaves in the land of Islam.

        Throughout the pages, discover the lives of these individuals, whether they served as servants, concubines, soldiers or agricultural workers. Estimated at ten million, or even more according to some sources, they shared a tragic fate in the shadow of the minarets. This story, long relegated to the shadows, today takes its rightful place at the heart of contemporary discussions.

        Faced with the often highlighted transatlantic slave trade, the author highlights an "Arab-Muslim slave trade" whose scale, both in terms of numbers and cruelty, would have been even more considerable. Far from legendary interpretations and historical manipulations, Renaud Kingler offers a nuanced story, anchored in historical facts and contexts, revealing a complex and often little-known reality.

        “Masters & Slaves in the Land of Islam” constitutes a valuable contribution to the understanding of a little-known part of Islamic history. This book encourages the reader to question preconceived ideas and explore a complex and nuanced reality which, far from clichés, comes closer to the truth as it was experienced at the time.


        • PROLOGUE

        • NOTES

        • Masters & slaves in Islamic lands

          • SUMMARY
        • WHAT IS SLAVERY?

          • A brief history of servitude before Islam
          • A notion, realities

          • The Qu'ran
          • The Sunnah
          • The companions
          • The figure

          • The domestic
          • The worker
          • The soldier
          • The corsair and the galley slave
          • The concubine
          • The eunuch
          • The vizier and the sultan
          • The freedman

          • Black people
          • White people

          • The merchands
          • The steps
          • Roads

        • MUSLIM SLAVES...



          • Umm Ayman
          • Sumayyah bint Khabbāṭ
          • Bilal ibn Rabāḥ
          • Mariyyah bint Shaman
          • Ikrimah
          • Al-Khayzuran
          • Abu Kafur al-Misk
          • Shaghab
          • Subh
          • Zyriab
          • 'Arib al-Ma'muniya
          • Mujahid ibn 'Abd ALLah al-'Amiri
          • Yaqut al-Rumi
          • Iltutmish
          • Tarkan Khatun al-Qutlughiyya
          • Shajar al-Durr
          • Baybars
          • Ibrahim Pasha
          • Ayşe Hafsa Sultan
          • Hürrem (Roxelane) Sulțân
          • Nür Bänů
          • Malik Ambar
          • Kosem Sultan
          • Judar Pasha
          • Jacques Santi
          • Hatice (Khadija) Turkhän
          • Beshir Agha
          • Lalla Aisha al-Mubarak
          • Emetullah Rabi'a Gülnuş
          • Angelo Soliman
          • "Umar ibn Sa'id


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        Masters & slaves in Islamic lands (Frensh)

        Masters & slaves in Islamic lands (Frensh)

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