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      Françalgérie, crimes and lies of States according to Lounis AGGOUN
      Françalgérie, crimes and lies of States according to Lounis AGGOUN
      Françalgérie, crimes and lies of States according to Lounis AGGOUN
      Françalgérie, crimes and lies of States according to Lounis AGGOUN

      Françalgérie, crimes and lies of States according to Lounis AGGOUN

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      “The most exciting and innovative aspect of the book, which teems with revelations, is the plunge into the heart of Françalgérie, this powerful intricacy of Algerian networks of corruption and part of the French political and economic establishment. »

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        Françalgérie, crimes and lies of States
        Secret history, from the war of independence to the "third war" of Algeria

        Lounis AGGOUN , Jean-Baptiste RIVOIRE

        Lounis Aggoun , a freelance journalist, has been a human rights activist in Algeria for many years.
        Jean-Baptiste Rivoire , journalist for "90 minutes" (Canal Plus), is the author of numerous documentaries including
        Benthala, autopsy of a massacre (1999), Algeria: the great manipulation (2000) and Attentats de Paris, investigation into sponsors (2002).

        The violence that ravaged Algeria from 1992 was presented to us as a war of Islamic fundamentalists against soldiers fighting to save democracy. As for France, she would have been content with a benevolent “neutrality”. As the authors of this explosive book show, with supporting evidence, this scenario is in fact a vast media construction. Based on six years of investigation, in Europe and Algeria, dozens of testimonies and hundreds of sources, they explain how, from 1980, a small group of Algerian generals gradually conquered power, while developing networks corruption of "Francalgeria". These men then instrumentalized radical Islamism, before launching a terrible "third Algerian war", by multiplying the operations "attributed to the Islamists": assassination of President Boudiaf, murders of intellectuals, massacres of civilians and soldiers... To put pressure on France, their secret services have organized spectacular and murderous actions of “psychological warfare” against French citizens, in Algeria as well as in France. For the first time, this book dismantles the cogs of the extraordinary machine of death and disinformation designed by the Algerian generals, and the complicity from which they benefited in France, to hide from Western public opinion the sole purpose of the war. against their own people: to stay in power at all costs, to keep the billions of dollars of "oil corruption".

        Introduction - Disturbing question - The "GIA", a taboo subject - Journalists under close surveillance - Family secrets - The "third Algerian war" - Prologue: The three Algerian wars - 1830-1848 : a genocidal logic - 1945 -1962: the “counter-insurgency war” - 1988-2004: the “dirty war” of the eradicating generals - Genocidal wars and the peace of the cemeteries - I / 1954-1992: The gestation of a repressive state - 1. 1954-1962 : the war within the war - The assassination of Abbane Ramdane, a founding crime - The "deserters of the French army" - The rise of Houari Boumediene - The MALG and the Tripoli plot - The Évian agreements: the army remains French in the Sahara - The July 1962 coup - The manipulation of the services - 2. 1962-1978: confiscated independence - Power according to Ben Bella - The June 1965 coup - The network of society - Kasdi Merbah: the liquidation of opponents - Ahmed Taleb Ibrahimi: a nonconforming people - Belaïd Abdesslam: the perversions of "state socialism" - The establishment of corruption networks: the Zéghar case - French chemical weapons in the Sahara - State schizophrenia - The Cap Sigli affair and the end of Boumediene - Chadli president - 3. The Belkheir networks in the conquest of power - The France-United States rivalry and the elimination of Messaoud Zéghar - The "moralization" of public action, a screen for curruption - The "Chadli clan" and the "Belkheir" house - The explosion of corruption circuits - Conflicts and reorganization at the top of the army - The "Berber Spring" and the birth of the League for Human Rights - The emergence of Islamists and the strange "Bouyali episode" - The "family code" and the instrumentalization of Islamism - 4. The founding alliance between the French and Algerian secret services - The "solidarity" and the "connivance" of the DST and the SM - The FARL and the attacks in Paris - The SM to the aid of the West - The failure of the "contract of the century" with France and the elimination of General Belloucif - French political parties financed by Algiers? - The Mécili affair, a “State crime” - A difficult turning point - October 5, 1988, the turning point - Algiers youth chopped up with heavy machine guns - The historic speech of President Chadli - The systematic use of torture - Epidemic of hypocrisy and lies - The October plot - The neutralization of Kabylia - The Belkheir clan (almost) wins - 6. 1989: Kasdi Merbach, or democracy contained - Mobilization against torture - Suffocation - Self-amnesty for criminals - The restructuring of Military Security - Kasdi Merbah, a transitional government - The financial floodgates are opening - Multipartyism and the construction of a "democracy under control" - The false "low profile of the army - The end of Kasdi Merbah and the birth of the FIS - 7. 1990-1991: the controlled opening - Islamist terrorists "under control" - Hocine Aït-Ahmed, "bête noire" of the regime - L' elimination of the leader of the SM, Mohamed Betchnine - Islamist violence and manipulation - The crushing victory of the FIS in the municipal elections - The reformers, a "bone" in Françalgérie - September 1990: the Belkheir clan reorganizes the SM - When the army invites itself to democracy - The press between freedom and manipulation - 8. The offensive against the Hamrouche government - The Gulf War: the foreign press brought to heel - The intolerable success of the reforms - The "first Islamist atomic bomb" will be Algerian? - The FIS, a drunken boat - DRS moles within the FIS leadership - June 9, 1991: the first coup - The failure of the FIS strike - The coup - Sid Ahmed Ghozali or the bleaching of the putsch - The FIS between bitter "victory" and real turmoil - The "hand of France" - The nesting dolls of the Belkheir network - 10. At the sources of the "Islamist groups of the army" - Ali Haroun, Minister of Human rights and the concentration camps - The invention of the "Afhgans" - 1989-1991: trial and error - The army under surveillance - The surprise congress of the FIS in the summer of 1991 - 11. The Ghozali government: bayonet and bow tie - Belkheir emerges (temporarily) from the shadows - All floodgates open for Françalgérie - Anti-Semitic campaign - Worrying preparations - The hesitations of the FIS disturb Larbi Belkheir - The Guemmar operation - Concerns on the eve of the elections - 12 . January 1992: behind the scenes of the coup - The figures of Larbi Belkheir - The army organizes the putsch - A dictatorship to protect the democracy of "first college" - Hijacking of demonstration - The trapped Islamists - The "resignation" of Chadli Bendjedid - The green light from Paris - The return of a missing person - II / 1992-2004: The "dirty war" - 13. The war against the people - The hunt for opponents and the state of emergency - Again, widespread torture - Mass arrests - The "universities of jihad " - Purges in the army - The death squads of Colonel Smaïn - 14. Infiltration and manipulation of Islamists - The infiltration of groups and maquis - The affairs of Bouzrina and Admiralty Street - Sneakers for terrorists - 15. The assassination of President Boudiaf - A president against "thieves" - Boudiaf against the "Belkheir networks" - Planned assassination - A commission of inquiry under influence - 16. Summer 1992: Algeria falls into war - A disoriented country - The attack on the airport - The restructuring of the "fight against terrorism" - The army above the law - Torture becomes widespread - From drugs for killers - "Finish them!" » - The first massacres - 17. Psychological warfare and elimination of the intruders - The beginning of the closed session - Paris supports the generals - The « educational assassinations » of intellectuals - The rise to power of the « Lamarists » - The assassination of Kasdi Merbah - Terror at the service of importers - 18. France's involvement in the war - Charles Pasqua returns to the Ministry of the Interior - A dormant network of Algerian spies - Two surveyors assassinated - Dialogue resumes in Algeria - A French woman against corruption - The “true-false” kidnapping of the Thévenet and Alain Fressier spouses - The implausibilities of the official version - A “staged” release - Instructions for silence - “Operation Chrysanthème”, a matter of State - Fake culprits and real terrorists - 19. General Zéroual and "dialogue" - The assassination of Sheikh Bouslimani - Zéroual appointed president - March 1994: the eradicating generals unleash terror - The escape from Tazoult - The impunity of "Islamic army groups" and the creation of militias - The Organization of Free Young Algerians, DRS death squad - The Ténès massacre - The "Afghans" slaughtering Colonel Tartag - Helicopters for the massacres - 20 Autumn 1994: the West to the aid of the eradicators - The IMF at the service of the war of the generals - The affair of the Italian sailors - The FIS trapped by the GIA - The affair of the French gendarmes - Djamel Zitouni, an "emir" of the DRS - The eradicators and the GIA against dialogue - Djamel Zitouni at the head of the GIA - The kidnapping of Lounès Matoub - 21. The failure of dialogue - Thanks to France, the war continues - The mutiny of Berrouaghia - Des French helicopters in the fight against terrorism - The assassination of Saïd Mekbel - Catholics for peace - The first conference in Rome - 22. 1995: terror against peace - An Airbus hostage - Impossible investigation - White fathers assassinated in Tizi -Ouzou - The signing of the Rome Accords - The attack on the central police station - The Serkadji massacre - Zitouni and the DRS against the "Algerianists" - An elite soldier in the service of the GIA - 23. Terror over Europe - The GIA arrives in London - The "cry" of Khalida Messaoudi - Against the truth, against torture - A "dialogue writer" at Matignon - The assassination of Sheikh Sahraoui - The Rabah Kébir affair - Attacks in the Paris RER - Ali Touchent : a mole of the Algerian services among Islamists - "Educational" attacks - France, hostage or accomplice? - 24. Zéroual, elected president - Neutralize Kabylie - Coax the Islamists - Zitouni purges the maquis - The rigging of the presidential election - The challenges of the Zéroual-Betchine duo - New turn of the screw against the press - The outstretched hand to the Americans - 25. The assassination of the monks of Tibhirine - The monks disturb - The DRS kidnaps the monks - The negotiations of the prefect Marchiani - The assassination - The Lucile Schmid affair: message received - The "accident" of General Saïdi Fodhil - The mysterious assassination of Bishop Pierre Claverie - An explosive referendum - 26. 1997: the massacres against peace - The international community for peace - "They are afraid of Amnesty International" - A party under control for the president - The drugged killers special forces of the army - The gamble of the Zéroual-Betchine duo - The "Islamist" massacres of eradicating generals - Killing, always: the certainty of impunity - Night of horror in Benthala - The weapon of terror - The military truce, Zéroual's "stab in the back" - 27. The great doubt - Live censorship - London, September 1997: the GIA is unveiled - Françalgérie is "in the know" - The international community is questions - Paris closes its eyes to the massacres - Ouled-Allal, the "Algerian Timisoara" - Municipal elections and mind control - The eradicators against Zeroual - 28. The campaign to neutralize an international investigation - French politicians and intellectuals to the rescue generals - "It's not the army that kills in Algeria! - André Glucksmann: "Now we know who is killing" - BHL's disappointments - The Soulier affair, or discredited Europe - Hubert Védrine is active behind the scenes - MAOL in the crosshairs of the "clan of eradicators" - Children stranded in Algeria - The manipulated UN - 29. The Kabyle card against Zéroual - The assassination of Lounès Matoub - DRS assassins and local accomplices - The fall of the Zéroual-Betchine duo - Bouteflika, the new screen - 30. The generals faced with the threat of international justice - The Belkheir clan faced with the "Pinochet syndrome" - The assassination of Abdelkader Hachani - Devastating revelations - When Paris protected Nezzar - The Kabyle diversion - The "divine surprise" of September 11 - The "Nezzar trial" - Khalifa: the Belkheir clan attacking the PAF - Khalifa TV, the "voice of Algeria" - "Year of Algeria in France", year of amnesia - The drama of the "disappeared » - Prospects for the trial are becoming clearer - The issue of self-amnesty - Conclusion - A dying society - Françalgérie, a "black state" - "The honor of France" - Afterword to the edition of 2005: Algeria recolonized? - A colonization in progress - "El-Para", true-false lieutenant of bin Laden - Disappeared: the official admission - Khalifa: corruption at all levels - The French attack billions of Algerian dollars - The selling off of riches - Notes - Main acronyms used - Chronology - Index.

        Introduction. Algiers, Paris, Rome: the omerta of a triple reason of state
        coffins weighted with sand
        Prohibited investigation
        “Returned” Islamists?
        The silence of the Vatican
        Sarkozy against the "lie"
        An eighteen-month investigation
        I / Monks for peace
        1. Christian de Chergé, a "conciliator" in the land of Islam
        First Algerian experiences
        The commitment to La Trappe
        A Church in the country of the FLN
        Reaching out to Muslims
        "He was a prophet"
        1989: the eruption of the Islamic Salvation Front
        2. 1992: the army against the elections
        The frustrated hopes of the “democratic parenthesis” of 1989-1991
        January 1992: the military coup
        Bishop Teissier's hesitations
        The lucidity of Bishop Pierre Claverie
        Christian de Chergé denounces the escalation of violence
        3. 1993: France complicit
        French DST and Algerian SM: a long tradition of collaboration
        Pasqua against Juppé: official France divided
        The strange kidnapping of the Thévenot spouses and Alain Fressier
        The implausibilities of the official version
        A “true-false” abduction
        The involvement of the DST
        Out, foreigners!
        4. 1993: the monks “under pressure”
        Caught between the fundamentalism of "official Islam" and the Islamists of the maquis
        “We have been ordered to make the monks squirt! »
        December 1993: the assassination of the Croats and the visit of the Emir Sayeh Attia
        Monks Divided
        Algiers against Christian
        Healing, against all odds
        Algiers denounces Christian to the Vatican
        5. Spring 1994: Total War
        Silence, we kill!
        The deployment of the “death machine” of the “eradicator” generals
        Corpses dragged by Jeeps
        “Counter-insurgency”: the beginnings of Djamel Zitouni
        Fire on the Christians!
        Testifying against the escalation of violence: the malaise of Christian de Chergé
        "Smoke and Fire in the Valley" 8
        6. Autumn 1994: a dialogue in Italy?
        DRS leaders "activate" Djamel Zitouni
        Zitouni, “tolerated” terrorist?
        October 1994: the DRS propels Zitouni to the head of the GIA
        Charles Pasqua's helicopters
        Sant'Egidio: Christians for peace in Algeria
        The "hard clan" of the army against peace
        II / Zitouni provokes France
        7. December 1994: angry generals

        “Penetrating, manipulating, intoxicating”
        Christmas 1994: the hijacking of an Air France Airbus in Algiers
        “The Algerians are smoking us out! »
        The strange investigation of Judge Bruguière
        The assassination of the white fathers of Tizi-Ouzou
        The “Januaryist” generals on the defensive
        8. January 1995: the Rome “earthquake”
        A peace offer for Algeria
        Paris plans to "toughen its position with regard to Algiers"
        The international community for peace
        The Juppé clan in Matignon
        9. Summer 1995: the Paris attacks
        General Smaïl Lamari's warning in Paris
        “Zitouni is our man! »
        Bombs in the RER
        DRS agents celebrate the Saint-Michel attack
        The incredible journey of Ali Touchent
        The Big Suspicion
        The Lucile Schmid affair: Algeria, a “terrorist state”?
        III / The elimination of monks
        10. An “explosive” context
        Tensions between Paris and Algiers
        Insurgents hidden in the monastery?
        A DRS “file” on monks
        Last step with the Vatican
        11. The Abduction
        Islamists refuse to kidnap monks
        Smaïn's undercover agents in action: decisive new testimony
        A meticulously prepared operation
        Evening of March 26: the "mixed" DRS/GIA commando marches towards the monastery
        The unpublished testimony of a member of the commando
        “Walk! Walk! »
        March 31: the monks are handed over to the Emir of the DRS Abderrazak El Para
        The Denials of Captain “Redha”
        The “official version” of General Smaïl Lamari
        12. "Grains of sand"
        The dangers of the maquis
        The immediate doubts of the “forgotten” witnesses at the monastery
        The “eradicating” press denounces Brother Luc
        In Paris, the rise of suspicion
        Emir Benhadjar and the "smell" of services
        General Rondot in Algiers
        The DGSE confirms the suspicion
        13. Marchiani in Algeria?
        A secret green light from Jacques Chirac to Marchiani's "mission"?
        A hope of liberation?
        General Smaïn's strange visit to Paris
        Negotiation aborted? Alain Juppé blocks the very uncertain "negotiations" of the Pasqua networks
        The accusations of Marchiani and Pasqua against Juppé
        14. Execution
        France lets go of Smaïn: the DGSE on the front line 6
        The turning point of April 24: the leaders of the DRS decide to have the monks killed
        A commando of killers
        The threats of Commander "Redha"
        The incredulity of Raymond Nart
        15. The April 30 Trap
        The very strange "communiqué n° 43" of the GIA
        Made in DRS: “The April 18 press release was us! »
        April 30: the curious GIA emissary at the French Embassy
        The April 20 Monks' Audio Cassette: Fake 'Proof of Life'
        The “betrayal” of Paris
        Smain's Wrath
        The little lies of Alain Juppé
        16. Algiers whistles the "end of the game"
        May 23: GIA "Communiqué No. 44" announces the execution of the monks
        "Raymond, here we are, we found the heads..."
        Bishop Lustiger and the "hatred and violence" of Muslims
        An effective disinformation campaign
        A Corsican emissary in contact with the monks?
        Threats from El Ansar
        France “trapped”
        IV / The impossible truth?
        17. Lead screed

        May 30: the official discovery of the "remains" of the monks
        Do not "harm the name of Algeria"
        The rumor of a military "blunder" by helicopter
        Unwelcome families in Algiers
        The "banned" investigation and the timely liquidation of Zitouni
        18. Pierre Claverie, the eighth death of Tibhirine
        A bishop under close surveillance by the DRS
        The elimination of an embarrassing witness
        An atrocious (and effective) “message” to France
        19. Revelations, "intox" and propaganda: the omerta of the years 1997-2003
        The Muslim planet against the “GIA”
        The false Islamist brochure of “Nasreddin Lebatelier”
        1997-2002: new revelations, the omerta continues
        Archbishop Teissier to the aid of the official version
        When the DST misinformed Nicolas Sarkozy
        20. 2003-2011: no justice for monks?
        The journalist Didier Contant against Tigha
        Bruguière, a judge "under control"?
        Judge Trévidic resumes Bruguière's investigation: the "Buchwalter bomb"
        2011: the failure of President Sarkozy's promises on the "truth"
        Conclusion. When will the truth about the “disappeared” from Algeria be revealed?
        Bibliography and filmography on the monks of Tibhirine
        Main works Main films and documentaries


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        Françalgérie, crimes and lies of States according to Lounis AGGOUN

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        Françalgérie, crimes and lies of States according to Lounis AGGOUN

        Françalgérie, crimes and lies of States according to Lounis AGGOUN

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