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      Language games at our children's hand - Book 2 (Arabic)
      Language games at our children's hand - Book 2 (Arabic)
      Language games at our children's hand - Book 2 (Arabic)
      Language games at our children's hand - Book 2 (Arabic)
      Language games at our children's hand - Book 2 (Arabic)

      Language games at our children's hand - Book 2 (Arabic)

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      This book offers 100 linguistic games designed to enhance Arabic language learning for children aged 9-11. As a complement to the curriculum, these engaging and competitive games can be used both inside and outside the classroom. They help develop reading and speaking skills, making lessons more enjoyable and effective. With solutions included, this resource supports teachers and parents in providing both fun and educational value. Al-Arabiya for All has published this series, encouraging teachers to innovate and expand upon these games.

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        الألعاب اللغوية بين يدي أولادنا 2 (9-11 سنوات)

          تأليف : محمد بن عبد الرحمن الشيخ - العربية للجميع

        الجزء التاني من سلسلة الألعاب اللغوية المصاحبة لسلسة العربية بين يدي أولادنا

        . في كل جزء (مئة لعبة تعالج كثيرا من مهارات اللغة.

        حرصنا على جاذبية الإخراج.

        تقدم داخل الفصل الدراسي وخارجه في قالب تنافسي مشوق وجذاب.

        يلعبها الطالب داخل الفصل وخارجه مع زملائه وأصدقائه وأقاربه.

        السلسة ليست جزءا من المنهج الدراسي بل مكملة له.

        يختار المعلم كل مرة اللعبة ووقت عرضها حسب ما يراه مناسبا لطلابه

        إذا قدمها المعلم بشكل صحيح فإنه سيقدم لطلابه المرح والسرور والفائدة معا.

        السلسلة مقدمة كذلك لمن يريد أن يؤلف في مجال المقررات التعليمية ووسائلها.

        مزودة بمقدمة تفصيلية وحلول للألعاب في آخر الكتاب.

        تبنت العربية للجميع هذه السلسلة وتكفلت بنشرها.

        يمكن للمعلم تطوير الألعاب وابتكار ألعاب جديدة

        Linguistic Games in Our Children's Hands 2 (Ages 9-11)

        Author: Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Sheikh - Al-Arabiya for All

        The second  volume in the series of linguistic games accompanying the "Arabic Between Your Children's Hands" series.

        Each volume contains 100 games addressing various language skills. We have ensured an attractive presentation. These games can be played both inside and outside the classroom, in a competitive and engaging format. Students can play these games with classmates, friends, and relatives, both indoors and outdoors.

        This series is not part of the curriculum but complements it. The teacher chooses the game and the time to present it based on what they find suitable for their students. If presented correctly, these games will bring joy, fun, and benefit to the students.

        The series also serves as a resource for those interested in writing educational materials and tools. It includes a detailed introduction and solutions to the games at the end of the book. Al-Arabiya for All has adopted and published this series. Teachers can develop and invent new games.

        Linguistic Games:

        Linguistic games are among the most important activities for communicative language teaching. Since the language classroom is an artificial environment for language learning, linguistic games reduce the artificiality surrounding classroom teaching and achieve a high degree of realism in language practice. They are an important complement to the educational process. Learning a language can be difficult for both adults and children. Playing in a joyful and fun atmosphere helps in successful teaching, while also fostering a spirit of competition among students and their ability to work in groups.

        Teachers will also enjoy these linguistic games if they stimulate their creativity and imagination to invent new games and develop existing ones. Some games from this book can also be transformed into exercises if needed.

        Benefits of Linguistic Games:

        • Transition students from theoretical to practical application through hands-on language practice.
        • Develop students' language skills, especially reading and speaking.
        • Enhance the use of language elements such as vocabulary and structures.
        • Help students discover their personal and intellectual abilities.
        • Facilitate the educational process by adding a different and effective teaching tool.
        • Make lessons interesting and captivating for students.
        • Help some students overcome language and psychological issues.
        • Provide both educational benefits and entertainment for students.
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        Language games at our children's hand - Book 2 (Arabic)

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        Language games at our children's hand - Book 2 (Arabic)

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