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      Who is Allah? after Sakina Hirschfelder
      Who is Allah? after Sakina Hirschfelder

      Who is Allah? after Sakina Hirschfelder

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      Who is Allah? According to Sakina Hirschfelder: The purpose of the author's work is to introduce readers to Allah (Haza Wajal) , the One who deserves reverence; not only by addressing Names and Attributes of Allah (Haza Wajal), but by going further, linking this knowledge to our everyday life. Thus, allow readers to get even closer to Allah (Haza Wajal).

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        Who is Allah? according to Sakina Hirschfelder:

        More than a simple book on the Names and Attributes of Allah, this book aims to establish a link between the knowledge of Allah (Haza Wajal) and the practical application of this knowledge in everyday life.

        Why is it important to know Allah? How do we apply this knowledge? By developing these questions, this book provides readers with the means to act in their quest for a close and rewarding relationship with Allah (Haza Wajal).

        Over one hundred Names of Allah are individually detailed, along with evidence from the Sunnah, explanation of meaning, useful applications, as well as invocations reported by the Messenger of Allah (SWS) using each name. Special attention is also paid to over sixty Attributes of Allah (Haza Wajal), to provide an in-depth and comprehensive approach to the most important subject to learn about: Allah, the Mighty, the Majestic.

        About the Author:

        Sakina Hirschfelder has practiced Islam for almost two decades. She studied at notable institutions in the United States, such as George Washington University; the Institute of Islamic and Arab Sciences of America, as well as at the American Open University. She is an avid researcher, mother of seven children, she currently resides in Michigan.

        Here the author tells us about the importance of knowing Our Lord in various parts, which are as follows:

        • The Importance of Knowing Allah (Haza Wajal)
        • Apply the knowledge of the Names and Attributes of Allah (Haza Wajal) to our lives.
        • Oneness of Allah - Tawheed.
        • Common misconceptions about Allahs (Haza Wajal).
        • The number of Names of Allah (Haza Wajal).
        • Linguistic roots of the Names of Allah (Haza Wajal).
        • The Names of Allah (Haza Wajal).
        • The Attributes of Allah (Haza Wajal).

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        Who is Allah? after Sakina Hirschfelder

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        Who is Allah? after Sakina Hirschfelder

        Who is Allah? after Sakina Hirschfelder

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