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      Don't be sad according to Aidh alQurni
      Don't be sad according to Aidh alQurni

      Don't be sad according to Aidh alQurni

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      Do not be sad: Aidh alQuarni offers ways to deal with all the hardships that one may encounter in life, confusion, worry, despair and sadness. A call to all Muslims to live their religion in full bloom.

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        In this book, Aidh alQuarni offers us a study that offers the means to face all the trials that we may encounter: confusion, worry, grief, despair... This text is intended for anyone who has experienced a difficulty in his life and who has been touched by misfortune or sadness. It is also a solution to the problems of the century in the light of the Book of Allah and the conduct of the Messenger (SWS) joined by common sense.

        This book calls on the Muslim to live fulfilled with his religion, to be happy with the Favor of Allah (AWJ) towards him and to consider the benefits with which he is filled. The reader will find in the new revised and corrected edition of Do not be sad, many tips to help him wait for the outcome and hope for ease after the ordeal.

        Aidth El-Qarni is a prolific writer in both Arabic poetry and prose. Doctor of Hadith sciences, he is well known in the Arab-Muslim world for his inspiring conferences and speeches, hundreds of which have been recorded on audio and video media. He is the author of over thirty books to date. Dr. EL-Qarni writes on a wide range of Islamic topics, from jurisprudence to self-help books. Be the Happiest Woman in the World, also published by IIPH, is another of her famous books.

        Extract :
        If you are stricken by poverty, others are chained by debts.
        If you don't have shoes, others don't have feet.
        If you feel pain now, others have been suffering for years.
        If your son has just died, others have lost several.
        If you have sinned then repent.
        If you made a mistake, correct it.
        The doors of repentance are always open!
        The fountain of mercy is inexhaustible!

        ...So don't be sad!"

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        Don't be sad, New revised and corrected edition, 2nd French edition (2012)

        Author: Dr Aidh El-Qarni

        Translation from Arabic: Bachir Kaabeche and Ahmad Laroussi

        Revisions and corrections: Myriam Boutrif

        Supervisor: Amel Ghanem-Ejjabri

        Editorial coordination: Amel Ghanem-Ejjabri

        Composition design Letters of Gold, Paris, France

        Cover design: Samo Press Group

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        Aidh alQuarni
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        Education et Purification de L' Âme
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        Don't be sad according to Aidh alQurni

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        Don't be sad according to Aidh alQurni

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