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      The Citadel of the Muslim - Arabic version
      The Citadel of the Muslim - Arabic version
      The Citadel of the Muslim - Arabic version
      The Citadel of the Muslim - Arabic version

      The Citadel of the Muslim - Arabic version

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      Arabic version : Hisn Al Muslim Min Adkar Al Kitaab Wa Sunna (The citadel of the Muslim. Invocations according to the Koran and the Sunna) - Small Format Book with fully vocalized Text Find all the invocations and reminders in the light of the Koran and the Sunna in this book by Sheikh Said Qahtani, the summary of his book "The reminder, invocation and practice of Roqya according to the Koran and the Sunnah)

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        حصن المسلم من أذكار الكتاب و السنة ، طبعة مزيدة و مضبوطة بالشكل,حجم سعيد بن علي بن وهف القحطاني

        مختصر من كتاب "الذكر والدعاء و العلاج بالرقى من الكتاب و السنة، اخت صر فيه الكاتب قسم الأذكار ليكون خفيف الحمل في الأسفار.و قد اقتصر الك متب على متن الذكر و إكتفى في تخريجه بذكر مصدر أو مصدرين أصل، و من أراد معرفة الصحابي أو زيادة في التخريج فعليه بالرجوع إلى الأصل

        Hisn Al Muslim Min Adhkar Al Kitaab Wa Sunnah (The citadel of the Muslim. Invocations according to the Koran and the Sunnah) by Sa'eed Al Qahtani - Arabic Version - Small Book Format - Fully vocalized text

        This book is a summary of the work entitled: “The reminder, the invocation and the practice of exorcism in the light of the Koran and the Sunna). The author has summarized the part of the book devoted to reminder formulas in order to obtain in the end a product which is easily usable during travel time. To do this, he was content with the simple text of the hadiths in which the said formulas appear, limiting himself each time to one or two sources among those cited in the original work. It is therefore up to the reader who wishes to know the name of the reporting companions, or to have more information about the sources of the hadiths, to refer to them.

        Summary of the book

        The merit of reminders

        Summons to recite when you wake up

        The invocation to recite When getting dressed

        The invocation to be said when putting on a new garment

        The invocations that are said to the one who puts on a new garment

        before undressing

        When entering the toilet

        Coming out of the toilet

        What is said before ablution

        What to say after ablution

        When entering/leaving the house

        Going to the mosque

        When entering the mosque

        Coming out of the mosque

        From the call to prayer

        From the opening of the prayer


        Straightening up from the incline

        of prostration

        Between the two prostrations

        From the prostration of the recitation of the Quran

        The certificate of faith

        The prayer on the Prophet (saws) after the attestation of faith

        After the last Tachahhud just before the greetings

        After the prayer

        Of the so-called consultation prayer (al-Istikhâra)

        Morning and evening

        Some sleep

        When you change sides while sleeping

        When you wake up with a start or when you feel bad

        What to do after a dream or a nightmare

        From the Qunut in the Witr prayer

        After the Witr prayer

        In case of worries and sadness

        In case of affliction

        When encountering the enemy or authorities

        Of one who fears the governor's injustice

        against the enemy

        Of one who fears a group of people

        Of one who encounters doubts in his belief

        To get rid of a debt

        Against temptation in prayer and during the recitation of the Quran

        When you encounter a difficulty

        When we have committed a sin

        What drives away the devil and his temptations

        When something unpleasant happens or you are overwhelmed by events

        Congratulations on the occasion of a birth

        To seek Allah's protection over children

        What you say when you visit a sick person

        The merit of visiting a sick person

        Of the sick person who loses hope of living

        Have the dying person pronounce the profession of faith (ach-Chahâda)

        Of one who is struck by misfortune

        After closing the eyes of the dead

        For the dead during the funeral service

        For the child who died while praying over him


        By placing the dead in his grave

        After the burial of the dead

        Visiting the cemetery

        When the wind blows

        When the thunder roars

        Among the invocations of request for rain

        When the rain is falling

        After the rain

        When you're afraid of the rain

        Seeing the new moon

        When breaking the fast

        Starting the meal

        At the end of the meal

        From the guest in favor of the host

        In favor of the giver

        Of the fasting in favor of the one who makes him break

        Of the fasting person when he is presented with food and he does not break his fast

        What the faster must say when he is insulted

        What you say when you see the first fruits


        What is said to the disbeliever when he praises Allah after sneezing

        In favor of the newlywed

        Of the one who marries or buys a mount

        Before sex

        In times of anger

        When you see a tried person

        What is said in an assembly

        The Atonement of Verbiage in an Assembly

        In favor of the one who says 'may Allah forgive you'

        In favor of those who render a service

        The things by which Allah preserves from the Antichrist

        In favor of the one who says 'I love you in Allah'

        In favor of the one who proposes the gift of his property

        Of him who discharges his debts in favor of him who granted him

        When one fears polytheism (ash-shirk)

        In favor of the one who says 'Allah bless you'

        A bad omen

        By mounting a mount or using a means of transport


        Upon entering a city or town

        Upon entering the market

        When the mount stumbles

        From traveler to resident

        From resident to traveler

        Proclaim the greatness and glory of Allah during the journey

        From the traveler to the last hours of the night

        When camping outdoors

        Back from the trip

        What to say when you receive good or bad news

        The merit of prayer on the Prophet (saws)

        The merit of saluting

        The way to return salvation to the disbeliever

        Hearing the cock crow and the donkey bray

        Hearing the dogs barking at night

        In favor of those who have been insulted

        What to say when praising someone

        What should someone who receives praise say?

        The Talbiya for one who performs Haj and 'Umrah

        The Takbîr passing in front of the black stone

        Between the 'Yemeni' corner and the black stone

        By mounting As-Safâ and Al-Marwa and the invocation to say there

        From the day of 'Arafat

        The recall to Muzdalifa

        Say: 'Allah is the Greatest' while stoning the stelae

        During astonishment and admiration

        When we receive good news

        What should someone say who feels pain in their body?

        against the evil eye

        In case of fright

        By slaughtering a beast

        To ward off the cunning and plotting of rebellious devils

        The Request for Absolution and Repentance

        The merits of saying 'glory be to Allah, praise be to Allah, there is no god but Allah, Allah is the greatest'

        How the Prophet (saws) glorified Allah (at-Tasbih)

        Among the general and beneficial rules

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        سعيد بن علي بن وهف القحطاني - Sa'id bin Ali bin Wahf Al-Qahtani
        Arabe - العربــــــــية
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        The Citadel of the Muslim - Arabic version

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