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      The Secrets of Pilgrimage (Hajj & Umra), by Imam Al-Ghazali (Frensh)
      The Secrets of Pilgrimage (Hajj & Umra), by Imam Al-Ghazali (Frensh)

      The Secrets of Pilgrimage (Hajj & Umra), by Imam Al-Ghazali (Frensh)

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      The book "The Secrets of the Pilgrimage" by Imam Al-Ghazali is an important work for Muslims who wish to deepen their knowledge of Hajj, one of the fundamental pillars of Islam. In this work, the author begins by exposing the various acts of Hajj, from the niya to the tawâf and the sa'y between Safâ and Marwâ, passing through the obligation of the ihram and the prohibitions to be respected. Then, the author approaches the rules of subtle proprieties related to Hajj, as well as the interior acts. It also explains the deep secrets of Hajj, which are often overlooked or misunderstood. The translation of the book, entitled "Kitâb Asrar l-Hajj", was produced by Messaoud Boudjenoun, and it is part of the collection "Revivification of Good Practices of the Muslim Religion".

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        The Secrets of the Pilgrimage

        The secrets of obligations and prohibitions. The rules of subtle propriety and interior acts, of Imam Al-Ghazâlî, Collection Revivification of Good Practices of the Muslim Religion, Translation of the book: "Kitâb Asrar l-Hajj" (كتاب أسرار الحج), Translated by Messaoud Boudjenoun

        God asked the prophet Ibrahim: "And announce to the people for the Hajj (pilgrimage) . They will come to you, on foot and also on any mount, coming from any distant way ( s.22 , v.27 ) . The pilgrimage in Mecca constitutes , among the pillars of Islam and its bases, the worship of life. The fulfillment of the journey, the completion of Islam. It is during its unfolding that God revealed : " Today I have fulfilled your religion for you, I have perfected My favor for you and approved Islam as your religion for you” ( S.5 , v.3 ) .

        Imam al-Ghazâli , exposes in this book first of all the acts of Hajj : niya , ihrâm , tawâf , sa'y between Safâ and Marwâ etc. , he relates the obligations, the sunans and the prohibitions. Then he does the same for the 'Umra and the visit to the Prophet in Medina.

        Then, the imam details the rules of subtle propriety, the interior acts and then the deep secrets of Hajj .

        About the Author: Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

        Imam Abu Hâmid al-Ghazâli (1058-1171) is undoubtedly the most widely read and appreciated Muslim scholar of all time. His writings embrace all areas of the believer's faith and life. It constitutes the authentic model of Muslim scholarship.

        Collection: Revival of the Good Practices of the Muslim Religion
        This collection translates the books of the ihya '. It aims to revitalize the sciences and practices of Islam; Whether they are cultural, spiritual, ethical, moral or societal, as well as Islamic manners and savoir-être .


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        L'imam Abou Hâmid al-Ghazâlî
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        Zakat, Piliers de l'Islam
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        Traduit par Messaoud Boudjenoun

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        The Secrets of Pilgrimage (Hajj & Umra), by Imam Al-Ghazali (Frensh)

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        The Secrets of Pilgrimage (Hajj & Umra), by Imam Al-Ghazali (Frensh)

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