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      Purification: The author highlights the major points of purification in a simple and understandable way for everyone. In addition, it is based on important references such as the collection of Al-Bukhari and Muslim, Nayl al-Awtar of Imama Achawkani and 'Umdat al-ahkam. of Al-Maqdisi.

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        We present to you this simplified collection dealing with fiqh (jurisprudence) in its clearest aspect. It brings together all the words of people of Science and scholars of Hadith, avoiding any question of divergence.

        We have endeavored to substantiate each question with evidence from the Quran and Sunnah. It happens that we evoke certain points of divergence, but we take care to put forward the unanimous opinion of the scholars, if necessary.

        This collection aims to enlighten the beginner, but also to serve as a reminder to those who already know the basics of "fiqh".

        We sincerely ask God to help us in all our actions, because it is He alone who is responsible for guiding.

        This book was inspired by the references below:

        • "Nayl al-Awtar" by Imam Achawkani"
        • "'Umdat al-Ahkam" from Al-Maqdisi"
        • Collections of Imams al-Bukhari and Muslim.

        This book is divided into 4 main parts, which are as follows:

        • Chapter of major washing (al-ghusl)
        • Tayammum Chapter
        • Menses Chapter
        • Lochia Chapter

        Book brought together and compiled by the editorial team of Pixel Graph editions


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